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1998 - 1999

howard stern: do you think there’s a higher being up there?
david duchovny: not with a human face, no.
howard stern: …..what about with a bozo nose?

gary shandling: they moved the emmy’s from pasadena to LA so that david [duchovny] could be closer to his wife.

mulder: you don’t know a feather duster from a duck’s ass!
* to anne: this is from blind lady!

lisa: you know what would hurt? getting hit over the head with a board with a nail in it…

tara: do you know tina?
maria: no…but if I did, I’d say yes.

carolyn: diana fowley didn’t die, she just got shot.
danny: yeah, but didn’t she just break up with dawson?

carolyn: wow, I’m glad I’m not a gay man anymore!

mr c: (to carolyn and maria) when do they surgically separate you two?

zach: anne, what did you get?
anne: 90
zach: same as me?
anne and carolyn: no, the OTHER 90!

christian: [pours water down his sleeve, laughs]
gideon: [laughing] christian! I’ve never seen you laugh so hard since...since...
christian: since the last time I poured water down my sleeve?

girl: sorry, I thought you were someone else.
guy: that’s okay, I am.

zach: what the dilly-o? what is the dilly-o? if you were a dilly-o, what would you be?

anne: [reading the above quote] …”what would you be” …oh, I thought it said “if I were a dilly-o, what would you be” and I was like, I’d be the guy sitting beside the dilly-o.

amanda: brownies sucked! I used to make fun of brownies!
anne: hey, I was a brownie and I AM a cadet and I could take each and every one of you!
cameron: yeah, she could tie us into knots and set us on fire seven different ways!

zeesy: quote? I have a quote! you’re stupid and ugly!!

mulder: diana, back on your feet. guess that’s the only way you could stab me in the back.

anne: hmmm…purple stew, eh? that’s random…random like BASEBALL!

cameron: I’m gonna bring a gun to school and I’m gonna shoot [bobby] and [jim] and this guy…oh, wait, he doesn’t exist.

carolyn: [quoting rent] once the boho boys are gone, the power mysteeeriously comes on…the power mysteeeeeriously comes on…
lisa: I wish you’d mysteriously shut up.

scott: don’t throw grapes at me! especially if they’re not grapes!!

fry: where’s your bathroom?
bender: bath what?
fry: bathroom.
bender: what room?
fry: bathroom!
bender: what what??

scott: [licks his sock]
mike: man, that’s sick! you just licked your sock!!

david: my hair is just as bad as it was when I woke up this morning…
lucas: no, I thought practice was easy!

anne: horses, horses, horses, horses...

anne: his horse, his horse, his horse, his horse....

[carolyn is wearing a strange outfit…as usual]
maria: I can’t believe what carolyn is wearing today…..
evan: yeah, it’s weird.
maria: …..who wears a t-shirt this time of year?!

lisa: you’re so dumb that if you saw a banana get up and start dancing you’d think it was a member if riverdance!

reporter: how are you doing?
michael j. fox: actually I’m dead…I died this morning.

my dad: if your brains were dynamite, you wouldn’t have enough to blow your nose!

elijah wood: the school’s being taken over by aliens!!!
garber: if someone said that to me, I’d punch them in the head!

jerry [on ER]: one squirrel, DOA

[henry has been trying to sell flower seeds all episode]
henry: I’m hungry
gary: eat some seeds

anne: at the beginning he was trying to make a barbecue…..did I say coconut??

laurie: are you sure he’s gay?
norm: come on! he’s as gay as a gay dollar bill!

angie: I live with my sister and her boyfriend.
mikey: what do they think about you not going to school?
angie: they don’t think much of anything. she’s a scorpio and he’s an idiot.

king: I believe that all things are relative. einstein said in 1930…
mike: yeah? if I pull out a gun, einstein pisses his pants. what’s that relative to? nothing!! e=mc stupid! STUPID!!!

chandler: last time I left a spontaneous message I ended up using the phrase “yes indeedy-o”

doc: 1.21 jiggawatts?! 1.21 jiggawatts?!? 1.21 jiggawatts?!?!?!
marty: …..what the hell’s a jiggawatt???

cameron: hey anne, inspected any good fish orifices recently? I know I have!

[nicky realises she’s wearing mike’s shirt from the night before and not wanting anyone to notice, she covers the monogram with her hand]
stewart: why are you holding your breast?
nicky: …earlier…one of them…tried to get away…?

tarzan dan: there won’t be a ttc strike so if you have to do something like go shopping or ride from kipling to scarborough over and over writing poetry, you can do that.

anne: is that where they sell that special paper that’s made out of trees?

[anne is totally freaking out]
carolyn: are you biting my leg??

anne: mr. p..…mr. c…..certainly is…wfew! wfew!
carolyn: …that’s an interesting sentence…

anne: you guys should have warned me there’s some guy eating a girl’s face over there!

anne: brittney spears is NOT going to be on dawson’s creek!! this is YOUR fault, cameron!! I blame YOU!!
cameron: there’s the messenger! bang! bang! bang!

cameron: [adjusting camera] am I straight? no, I’m not at all!

anne: hey danny, if they call sticks 'buchettes' they should call twigs 'buchette-ettes.' then I could be like 'hey danny, could you get me some buchettes and some buchette-ettes?' …assuming that we were making a fire that is.
danny: yeah…and we’re speaking franglish.

carolyn: …when I was at cameron’s house…
anne: when I wath at cameronth howth…weeth witherthpoon…
carolyn: weeth witherthpoon…I got a thpoon. I eat my chicken with a thpoon. … don’t know what I’m talking about, do you…?
anne: no.

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