Carbon is the obvious choice for the Element of the Millennium! EVERY LIVING THING CONTAINS CARBON! Without carbon, our world would not exist! You are carbon based. I am carbon based! David Duchovny is carbon based! Withough carbon there would BE NO DAVID DUCHOVNY!!! But I digress...
<---(david duchovny)

And girls! What do you think those beautiful diamond earrings are made of? The expensive tennis bracelet? That's right! Diamonds are made of carbon! Don't tell me you didn't see Superman!
Superman can crush coal into diamonds in seconds with his super strength. Actually it takes extreem pressure and heat for carbon to turn into diamond (and it doesn't appear perfectly
<--- Superman!

And diamonds aren't only used as pretty jewels. The word diamond comes from the latin "adamus" meaning unconquerable because diamonds are the hardest natural substance known to man. Diamonds are used as industrial tools which can cut throught hard substances like granite as easily as a saw cuts through wood.

There are many other very useful ways carbon contributes to our lives. Carbon is used in pencils and charcoal, coal for the fire or bbq, carbon dioxide (which plants need to live), baking soda, the bubbles in pop, carbon dating, and more!

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