Jerry and Charlie Picture Gallery!

Jerry and Charlie Picture Gallery

Jerry and Charlie
young Jerry and Charlie with their parents - New (thanx NAnnie!)
Jerry and Charlie at the premiere of Cruel Intentions - New!
Jerry and Charlie as kids in NY
from Oh Brother
a very good pic
I'm not sure where this is from but it's cute
at the premiere of Scream 2
at the premiere of the X-Files movie
another at the X-Files movie premiere

an autographed head shot of young Jerry - New (thanx to NAnnie again!)
a newspaper clipping about Jer from his MSID days - New (thanx so much NAnnie!)
Jerry in little black boxers ;) - New!
a young Jerry - very cute!
from his MSID days
from Hole in the Sky
a really, really good pic! (IMHO)
with the timer
from Fever
looking serious
from Eggheads
arguing with alt Quinn from World Killer
checkers anyone?
in front of the infamous red blinds!
in front of a green background
another one with the green background
on some talk show
a good b+w
a nother b+w, not as good as the last
getting his surf board out of his car
in the pool - from Teen People
as Derek from Scream 2
as Rev Perry Ray Pruitt from WTDMH
another from What the Deaf Man Heared

from Dragonslide
from As Time Goes Bye
a nother from As Time Goes Bye
looking pissed from as Time Goes Bye
from YM a while back
from Oh Brother
Colin sees the wormhole for the first time
leaning against a wall
pointing a gun

With Other Sliders
Charlie, Kari, Jerry, and Cleavent
Quinn, Remmy, Wade, and the Professor
another of the old gang looking up
another of the old gang (I miss them okay?!)
Quinn, Colin, and Maggie
Colin and Maggie from Just Say Yes
Colin and Remmy "gimme five!"
Quinn, Colin, Remmy, and Maggie from Oh Brother

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